Missing The Basics…

So, this is just going to be a regular post, no reviews in this one.


I know that Wine Connoisseurs actually smell the wine in an attempt to distinguish the different flavors in it to allow the greatness of the wine to shine. That’s not what I intend to do. I say I am a “Wine Connoisseur” but all I am trying to do is find out which wines taste good. I want to do this for any beginner wine drinkers who don’t know what to try or for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on wine and just want something that will taste good. I will try any wine within a reasonable price range and I will continue to drink wine until I run out of money  or until I die.


Another thing I don’t know how to do is distinguish why a wine tastes bad. I don’t want to know why a wine tastes bad, if it sucks I won’t drink it, plain and simple.


What They Do:

  • Taste the flavors in a wine and scrutinize the grapes and region that make the wine taste like it does
  • Try to differentiate this wine from some other wine made somewhere else
  • Find flaws in the wine and compare it to other wines with similar flaws
This is how they roll.

This is how they roll.

What I Do:

  • Find out if the wine tastes good
  • If it does, I drink it and say in the best words I can why it tastes good
  • If it doesn’t, I will pour it out and move on
This is how I roll.

This is how I roll.


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