Cheap-o Wine: Mad Dog 20/20 – Orange Jubilee

Short And Quick Review: For the most part, it is drinkable. But this is a low step to go if you want to experience wine on the cheap…

Brand: Mad Dog 20/20

Type: Orange Jubilee

Cost: $4-5

Rating: 2.5/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Gas Station!


Mad Dog 20/20

Yes, this is wine. Surprising…no?

Review: I actually drank this wine a week ago…with two other wines…and it was not a good idea. I was sicker than a dog the next day, which makes the name more…meaningful. (Yeah, lets go with that). Needless to say, for the amount of alcohol you get for the $4 you spend, this wine can hit you pretty hard depending on how much you can swallow. The first drink begins with a great reminiscence of Sunny Delight with a light kick. Then the alcohol comes to the surface on the second drink and any thereafter. I can say that it literally tasted more like a badly mixed screwdriver than actual wine by the time I was wasted. BUT, the point is to get drunk RIGHT? So as a whole, it’s O.K. for anyone tight on cash and you can’t spend the actual money on a decent bottle of wine. But if you have run out of wines to try, this is a definite new experience.


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