Cheap-o Wine: Mad Dog 20/20 – Red Grape Wine

Short And Quick Review: For A Red Wine, This One Took Me By Surprise…Literally

Brand: Mad Dog 20/20

Type: Red Grape Wine

Cost: $4-5

Rating: 3/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Gas Station!


Mad Dog 20/20-Red Grape Wine

Actually didn’t taste half bad.

Review: Huzzah!!! Another good tasting red wine!!! (I haven’t had much luck in the past with these darker red wines). But, as a whole this wine is sweet, cheap, and hits the spot with some good food. I got perpetually smashed by drinking the MD 20/20-Orange Jubilee wine and this one, which at the time was a good thing until I got sick the next day which was no fun. BUT alas, I will not bash the wine for getting me sick. It has a definitive taste that reminds me of spiked punch. I would probably recommend this wine to newbies and avid wine drinkers because it’s pretty tasty. The only drawback is the aftertaste that rides for a while on the tongue after consumption. It is like the alcohol kinda sticks to the taste buds and won’t let go. So just be weary.


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