ArborMist Pink Moscato: Raspberry Flavored! – Can I Get 55 Of These?

Short And Quick Review: So, if you haven’t tried this, go to the closest store and BUY THIS!

Brand: ArborMist

Type: Pink Moscato – Raspberry Flavored

Cost: $5 For a small bottle and $9 for this bad boy!

Rating: 5/5

Try It For Yourself!


Oh dear god, I need more of this!

Oh dear god, I need more of this!

Review: So…the first thing you may notice is that the bottle is empty. I can explain…it was just so damn good that I didn’t get to take a picture before I drank it all. That’s all I have to say for myself. But, this is now my TOP WINE! Why? When you pour this bubbly beauty into a glass, the scent of raspberries wafts into your nostrils, and euphoria is reached…no joke. It tastes FAN-FREAKING TASTIC! Like a bubbly sweetness that will make you want more and more. I swear, this wine is recommended to any wine drinker that wants to start because it tastes AMAZING! I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this one.


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