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Finally! May I present, Lambert’s Vintage Wine: American Fredonia!!!

Short And Quick Review: The description said, “Goes good with cheeseburgers and tacos”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Brand: Lambert’s Vintage Wine

Type: American Fredonia

Cost: $9-$16

Rating: 4/5

Try It For Yourself in WV! (This is a regional WV wine so it may be hard to find elsewhere. Sorry x.x)


It's not super special awesome, but oh so close!

It’s super special awesome!

Review: This is my first Red Wine that I have thoroughly enjoyed. We actually tried this wine while eating some cheese burgers and by-golly it matched really well. This wine had a slight earthy flavor but was all around sweet! Not moscato sweet, but pretty darn close. I drank this wine by it-self later on and the flavor was still just as good as the first time. The aftertaste wasn’t very noticeable which I was excited about. I would highly recommend this wine to beginners because for a Red Wine, it has a good flavor so it won’t turn you away from the Red type in general. I can’t exclaim how happy I was to find a good tasting Red Wine!


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