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Batefoot: Pinot Grigio – WARNING:Dryness Awaits

Short And Quick Review: Oh God, water, I need water! So…dry…ahhh

Brand: Barefoot

Type: Pinot Grigio

Cost: $5

Rating: 2.5/5

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Oh god, its like drinking the desert - it's so dry!

Oh god, its like drinking the desert – it’s so dry!

Review: So, if you haven’t caught on yet, this wine is freaking DRY! I mean, it’s O.K. overall for any average wine but god, it just makes you thirsty for water somehow. This one was a definite impulse buy but I guess it was worth it. It has a decent flavor, it was slightly bitter but I have no idea what it tastes like with food so don’t ask. I guess buy this if you’ve run out of wines to try, which is pretty much impossible…but you know what I mean.


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Beringer: Moscato – Hmmm…Another Moscato? Nawww

Short And Quick Review: What can I say? Moscatos are pretty damn awesome!
Brand: Beringer
Type: Moscato
Cost: $9-$14
Rating: 3/5
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Review: Man, this one got me drunk faster than I could say when. I loved it. I will admit though, it was bitter as hell. I mean, I’ve had some bitter wines before but this one took the cake. I finished this whole bottle in one evening, and as the night went on, the bitterness slowly subsided which was a relief. I didn’t have much food with this wine, so I couldn’t say what kind of foods it would go good with. But if you like my other reviews, and if you wanna get drunk, this one is the one for you!

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Sutter Home: Chardonnay – The One I Left In The Fridge…

Short And Quick Review: Well…I can honestly say that I didn’t leave it in there on purpose…

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Chardonnay

Cost: $5-11

Rating: 2/5

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Yep...I kinda forgot about this one...

Yep…I kinda forgot about this one…

Review: Sooo…If you remember when I bought all of those little bottles of Sutter Home wines…I was under the impression that I had already tried all of the ones I had bought. Well this one was tucked behind a jumbo container of Yogurt that I just found today! YAY! But, to put it simply…this wine is bitter…like hardcore. I can still drink it though, which is a plus because there is no greater travesty than buying a new wine that you don’t want to drink. I would definitely not recommend this to new wine tasters because the bitterness is overpowering. If you want to get a nice buzz though, this wine delivers quickly in that regard. All in all, just be careful with this one. It really has a taste that you have to get accustomed to in order to like it…

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