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Sequin Moscato: Doesn’t Really Taste Like Anything…

Short And Quick Review: Smells great, tastes like…carbonated water…

Brand: 2012 Sequin

Type: Bubbly Moscato

Cost: $9-$11

Rating: 3.5/5

Try It For Yourself!


Smells Like Froot Loops, tastes almost like water.

Smells Like Froot Loops, tastes almost like water.

Review: Surprisingly, this wine didn’t really taste like anything. I tried it with food and without food, and it really just kinda sat there. Obviously, it goes without saying that you could taste the alcohol, but it wasn’t sweet or citrus-ey at all like the description implied. I mean if you want a wine that will compliment food, I would probably look elsewhere. It by all definition was O.K. there was no apparent bitterness or sweetness to this Moscato. If offered again, I’d still probably drink it, I just wouldn’t enjoy it.


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