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Sutter Home: Chardonnay – The One I Left In The Fridge…

Short And Quick Review: Well…I can honestly say that I didn’t leave it in there on purpose…

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Chardonnay

Cost: $5-11

Rating: 2/5

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Yep...I kinda forgot about this one...

Yep…I kinda forgot about this one…

Review: Sooo…If you remember when I bought all of those little bottles of Sutter Home wines…I was under the impression that I had already tried all of the ones I had bought. Well this one was tucked behind a jumbo container of Yogurt that I just found today! YAY! But, to put it simply…this wine is bitter…like hardcore. I can still drink it though, which is a plus because there is no greater travesty than buying a new wine that you don’t want to drink. I would definitely not recommend this to new wine tasters because the bitterness is overpowering. If you want to get a nice buzz though, this wine delivers quickly in that regard. All in all, just be careful with this one. It really has a taste that you have to get accustomed to in order to like it…


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Angel Food…dude…meh

Short And Quick Review: Instantaneously better with Triple Sec!

Brand: Cupcake Vineyards

Type: Angel Food Chardonnay

Cost: $9-$11

Rating: 1.5/5

Try It For Yourself!


I gotta say that at first I totally thought this was a Reisling or a Moscato...way wrong

I gotta say that at first I totally thought this was a Reisling or a Moscato…way wrong…

Review: So, not much to say about this wine, other than I am losing faith in the Cupcake Vineyards brand. =/ This is the first chardonnay I have ever tried, and I have to say that it’s pretty much…meh. I mean, this wine is like a sweet strong punch to the face. The taste is slightly sweet but definitely bitter, and doesn’t resemble Angel Food cake in the slightest. At least with the Red Velvet wine I had tried its damndest to be a pastry. But I digress, the wine tasted a lot better after I added some Triple Sec that I had handy and boom! It tasted just like sweet water! What could go wrong?! I mean, I even had this wine with Pizza! The delicious pizza had no effect on the taste, and I doubt I will buy this wine again in the future. This is probably an acquired taste, but even a moderate wine drinker would probably be able to handle this wine. They wouldn’t like it, but they wouldn’t pour it out either.

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