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The Real Mostcato D’Asti!

Short And Quick Review: Good starter wine, the taste is sweet and not overpowering.

Brand: Bella Bollé

Type: Moscato D’Asti

Cost: $7-$11

Rating: 4/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Walmart!


This one is pretty darn good!

This one is pretty darn good!

Review: The best way to describe this wine is to imagine tasting sweet, bubbly water. Yep, that pretty much nails it on the head! This is a cheap wine that I figured would be a good one to try, and I am getting better at picking the right ones. I am not a wine-o, but I finished the whole bottle within an hour and a half. The cup I use doesn’t really give any wine a chance. But this wine really accentuates most food that you pair with it, so you can either enjoy it by itself or with some good food. Most beginners would like this wine because of how sweet it is. There really isn’t any aroma with this wine that I can tell. Mmmmm!


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