This is Why I Have Trust Issues: FlipFlop Pinot Noir

Short And Quick Review: Do your best to stay away from this one, if you value your taste buds.

Brand: FlipFlop

Type: Pinot Noir

Cost: $9-11

Rating: 0/5

Try It If You DARE!


FlipFlop Pinot Noir

Save yourself the trouble, not worth it. =(

Review: I saw the “Best Buy” sticker and I had such high hopes! The sticker lies thick deep lies. I swear, I am having some really bad trust issues with these red wines. Almost each and every one I have tasted resembles dirt in one fashion or another.¬† The taste of this wine was atrocious, it is really hard to describe. I do know that when I get around to it, I am either going to have to pour it out or quickly find a way to cook with wine in order to get my money’s worth. I do not recommend this wine to anyone, unless they are my dearest enemy.


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A Dastardly Night of Threes: Sutter Home-Cabernet Sauvignon California

Short And Quick Review: This wine is just as delightful as Red Velvet…(internet sarcasm)

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Cabernet Sauvignon

Cost: $5-11

Rating: 0/5


Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon

Leave this one at the store…forever.

Review: This was second on the list of wines to try that night. I wish I would have kept the darn thing in the fridge honestly…I opened the bottle, took a sip, poured out the contents so no one would have to taste it ever again. I would not recommend this wine to anyone because of the overpowering taste (if you can call it that) which invades your mouth and is there to stay. I couldn’t handle this wine at all, the flavor made me sick to my stomach and I don’t even think this wine would be good to cook with. I really wish I could have left this one at the store rather than spending the small amount I did on it…well now you know a wine to definitely avoid.

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Red Velvet…Never Again…

Short And Quick Review: Once is enough…seriously

Brand: Cupcake Vineyards

Type: Red Velvet Red Wine

Cost: $9-$12

Rating: 0/5

Try It For Yourself If You Dare!


I will NEVER purchase this wine EVER again!

I will NEVER purchase this wine EVER again!

I had such high hopes...then it went all downhill after it was uncorked...

I had such high hopes…then it went all downhill after it was uncorked…

Review:¬†Just as a forewarning, you have to have one heck of an acquired taste to actually enjoy this wine! (I get pretty harsh with this one…) Yeah, I am definitely still learning the intricacies in the world of wine, and I have my first wine to add to my DO NOT PURCHASE LIST! =( I knew that Red Wines are a lot different from White Wines, and you pretty much have to pay some hefty cash to find a sweet Red Wine that tastes good, but I never knew that a wine could taste this bad. This wine in-particular has 3 stages: Taste, After Taste, and an After After Taste. The initial taste starts off O.K., with a slight sweetness and then it wreaks havoc on your taste buds in the worst way imaginable. The aftertaste, if you can imagine I guess would taste like mud, and that’s after it’s already gone down your throat. Then in the final stage, all of a sudden there is a miniscule burst of flavor that tastes like Red Velvet that lasts maybe a millisecond and disappears forever! All of my hopes and dreams were crushed with this one wine.

Now that I think about it though, this might be a good wine to cook with, but I have no idea…seeing as how I poured the rest of it out, I doubt I will ever know. x.x

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