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Cheap-o Wine: Mad Dog 20/20 – Blue Raspberry

Short And Quick Review: Every drink is a hardship…I just need to finish what I put into my cup…and I will be O.K.

Brand: Mad Dog 20/20

Type: Blue Raspberry

Cost: $4-5

Rating: 1.5/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Gas Station!


Mad Dog 20/20 - Blue Raspberry

This is not wine this is pure alcohol…

Review: First off, I have to say that it is a definite chore just to drink this “wine“…It is pungent with the smell of alcohol, tastes like pure vodka, and looks like a melted blue Slurpee.  It isn’t Red Velvet horrible, it just really tastes like alcohol, and that is not what I was looking forward to. Come to think of it, most wine actually tastes a lot better than harder liquor. This drink doesn’t get the title of “wine” in my book at all. As you swallow this blue concoction, the initial taste is refreshing and then the aftertaste is something you wish you could have avoided. Even with my cup half full, I fear I can’t stomach the rest of whats left…we’ll see. I am just forewarning you, this wine is not for beginners. Drink at your own risk.


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This is Why I Have Trust Issues: FlipFlop Pinot Noir

Short And Quick Review: Do your best to stay away from this one, if you value your taste buds.

Brand: FlipFlop

Type: Pinot Noir

Cost: $9-11

Rating: 0/5

Try It If You DARE!


FlipFlop Pinot Noir

Save yourself the trouble, not worth it. =(

Review: I saw the “Best Buy” sticker and I had such high hopes! The sticker lies thick deep lies. I swear, I am having some really bad trust issues with these red wines. Almost each and every one I have tasted resembles dirt in one fashion or another.  The taste of this wine was atrocious, it is really hard to describe. I do know that when I get around to it, I am either going to have to pour it out or quickly find a way to cook with wine in order to get my money’s worth. I do not recommend this wine to anyone, unless they are my dearest enemy.

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A Dastardly Night of Threes: Sutter Home-Cabernet Sauvignon California

Short And Quick Review: This wine is just as delightful as Red Velvet…(internet sarcasm)

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Cabernet Sauvignon

Cost: $5-11

Rating: 0/5


Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon

Leave this one at the store…forever.

Review: This was second on the list of wines to try that night. I wish I would have kept the darn thing in the fridge honestly…I opened the bottle, took a sip, poured out the contents so no one would have to taste it ever again. I would not recommend this wine to anyone because of the overpowering taste (if you can call it that) which invades your mouth and is there to stay. I couldn’t handle this wine at all, the flavor made me sick to my stomach and I don’t even think this wine would be good to cook with. I really wish I could have left this one at the store rather than spending the small amount I did on it…well now you know a wine to definitely avoid.

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Red Velvet…Never Again…

Short And Quick Review: Once is enough…seriously

Brand: Cupcake Vineyards

Type: Red Velvet Red Wine

Cost: $9-$12

Rating: 0/5

Try It For Yourself If You Dare!


I will NEVER purchase this wine EVER again!

I will NEVER purchase this wine EVER again!

I had such high hopes...then it went all downhill after it was uncorked...

I had such high hopes…then it went all downhill after it was uncorked…

Review: Just as a forewarning, you have to have one heck of an acquired taste to actually enjoy this wine! (I get pretty harsh with this one…) Yeah, I am definitely still learning the intricacies in the world of wine, and I have my first wine to add to my DO NOT PURCHASE LIST! =( I knew that Red Wines are a lot different from White Wines, and you pretty much have to pay some hefty cash to find a sweet Red Wine that tastes good, but I never knew that a wine could taste this bad. This wine in-particular has 3 stages: Taste, After Taste, and an After After Taste. The initial taste starts off O.K., with a slight sweetness and then it wreaks havoc on your taste buds in the worst way imaginable. The aftertaste, if you can imagine I guess would taste like mud, and that’s after it’s already gone down your throat. Then in the final stage, all of a sudden there is a miniscule burst of flavor that tastes like Red Velvet that lasts maybe a millisecond and disappears forever! All of my hopes and dreams were crushed with this one wine.

Now that I think about it though, this might be a good wine to cook with, but I have no idea…seeing as how I poured the rest of it out, I doubt I will ever know. x.x

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