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ArborMist: Moscato – Mango Strawberry! ArborMist is DELICIOUS?!

Short And Quick Review: I enjoyed the other ArborMist bottle so much…that I bought another one…

Brand: ArborMist

Type: Moscato – Mango Strawberry Flavored

Cost: $4 for a small bottle and $9 for this bad boy

Rating: 4.9/5

Try It For Yourself!


Note to self: If it tastes good, don't drink it all at once like I did...

Note to self: If it tastes good, don’t drink it all at once like I did…

Review: So, this was a dumb move on my part but I drank this entire bottle playing Grand Theft Auto 5. DO NOT DRINK THIS ENTIRE BOTTLE IN ONE SITTING…trust me. “PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!” <- Riiiight. I tried, I really did try to be responsible…but this wine is almost just as good as the Raspberry flavored ArborMist bottle. I couldn’t resist the temptation, and this bottle is just as empty as the other one was when picture time came. This wine is really sweet, just how I like em’ but I guess I didn’t notice the “Mango/Strawberry” flavor…It may have been there, I just probably drank it too darn fast. I would recommend this to any new wine drinkers because it is sweet, goes down smooth, and no nasty aftertaste.


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Batefoot: Pinot Grigio – WARNING:Dryness Awaits

Short And Quick Review: Oh God, water, I need water! So…dry…ahhh

Brand: Barefoot

Type: Pinot Grigio

Cost: $5

Rating: 2.5/5

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Oh god, its like drinking the desert - it's so dry!

Oh god, its like drinking the desert – it’s so dry!

Review: So, if you haven’t caught on yet, this wine is freaking DRY! I mean, it’s O.K. overall for any average wine but god, it just makes you thirsty for water somehow. This one was a definite impulse buy but I guess it was worth it. It has a decent flavor, it was slightly bitter but I have no idea what it tastes like with food so don’t ask. I guess buy this if you’ve run out of wines to try, which is pretty much impossible…but you know what I mean.

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ArborMist Pink Moscato: Raspberry Flavored! – Can I Get 55 Of These?

Short And Quick Review: So, if you haven’t tried this, go to the closest store and BUY THIS!

Brand: ArborMist

Type: Pink Moscato – Raspberry Flavored

Cost: $5 For a small bottle and $9 for this bad boy!

Rating: 5/5

Try It For Yourself!


Oh dear god, I need more of this!

Oh dear god, I need more of this!

Review: So…the first thing you may notice is that the bottle is empty. I can explain…it was just so damn good that I didn’t get to take a picture before I drank it all. That’s all I have to say for myself. But, this is now my TOP WINE! Why? When you pour this bubbly beauty into a glass, the scent of raspberries wafts into your nostrils, and euphoria is reached…no joke. It tastes FAN-FREAKING TASTIC! Like a bubbly sweetness that will make you want more and more. I swear, this wine is recommended to any wine drinker that wants to start because it tastes AMAZING! I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this one.

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Andre: Strawberry Fresa – A Great Wine To Drink To!

Short And Quick Review: Ahh…this was a refreshing drink after a wine-break.
Brand: Andre
Type: Strawberry Fresa
Cost: $9-$10
Rating: 4/5
Try It For Yourself At Your Local Kroger!

Mmmmmm...soo good.

Mmmmmm…soo good.

Review: I admit, I haven’t been writing reviews up until now. It is hard, I mean when you honestly want to enjoy a nice wine, the last thing I wanted to do was write a review. But someone’s gotta do it! This wine was actually very surprising with its sweet and tarty taste and very aromatic scent. It can be best described as a carbonated strawberry jolly rancher with a kick to it. This wine is recommended for beginners because of the sweetness and the smoothness as it goes down.

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Sutter Home: Moscato – Cheap Is Sometimes A Good Thing!

Short And Quick Review: On a whim, this wine is a great filler if you want a sweet wine to enjoy.

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Moscato

Cost: $ 5-11

Rating: 3/5

Try It For Yourself at Your Local Walmart!


It has a nice sweet taste to it =3 Just perfect to relax with!

It has a nice sweet taste to it =3 Just perfect to relax with!

Review: Yeah, this one was just bought on a whim, and it is not half bad. Great starting wine for anyone looking to start drinking wine. It has a decent flavor, and it is really good to drink and relax with. I think it goes to show that cheap can indeed be a blessing in disguise. If you have never tried wine before, give it a shot, wine indeed has a way to put you at ease more so than other drinks can.

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Sutter Home: Chardonnay – The One I Left In The Fridge…

Short And Quick Review: Well…I can honestly say that I didn’t leave it in there on purpose…

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Chardonnay

Cost: $5-11

Rating: 2/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Wal-Mart!


Yep...I kinda forgot about this one...

Yep…I kinda forgot about this one…

Review: Sooo…If you remember when I bought all of those little bottles of Sutter Home wines…I was under the impression that I had already tried all of the ones I had bought. Well this one was tucked behind a jumbo container of Yogurt that I just found today! YAY! But, to put it simply…this wine is bitter…like hardcore. I can still drink it though, which is a plus because there is no greater travesty than buying a new wine that you don’t want to drink. I would definitely not recommend this to new wine tasters because the bitterness is overpowering. If you want to get a nice buzz though, this wine delivers quickly in that regard. All in all, just be careful with this one. It really has a taste that you have to get accustomed to in order to like it…

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Cheap-o Wine: Mad Dog 20/20 – Blue Raspberry

Short And Quick Review: Every drink is a hardship…I just need to finish what I put into my cup…and I will be O.K.

Brand: Mad Dog 20/20

Type: Blue Raspberry

Cost: $4-5

Rating: 1.5/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Gas Station!


Mad Dog 20/20 - Blue Raspberry

This is not wine this is pure alcohol…

Review: First off, I have to say that it is a definite chore just to drink this “wine“…It is pungent with the smell of alcohol, tastes like pure vodka, and looks like a melted blue Slurpee.¬† It isn’t Red Velvet horrible, it just really¬†tastes like alcohol, and that is not what I was looking forward to. Come to think of it, most wine actually tastes a lot better than harder liquor. This drink doesn’t get the title of “wine” in my book at all. As you swallow this blue concoction, the initial taste is refreshing and then the aftertaste is something you wish you could have avoided. Even with my cup half full, I fear I can’t stomach the rest of whats left…we’ll see. I am just forewarning you, this wine is not for beginners. Drink at your own risk.

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