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Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc California – Oh so bitter…

Short And Quick Review: It is drinkable, but awfully bitter x.x

Brand: Sutter Home

Type: Sauvignon Blanc


Rating: 2/5

Try It For Yourself!


Very bitter but hits the spot!

Very bitter but hits the spot!

Review: After having the Sutter Home – Merlot, I needed something that would possibly taste better, so I gave the Sauvignon Blanc California a try. I was kind of disappointed because it was just so bitter. It is pretty darn easy to drink with Chinese food I found out, and the taste isn’t too horribly bad, it’s just very strong. I gave it a decent try but it really is hard to drink if you just want to enjoy a nice wine. If you want to get a nice buzz with an O.K. tasting wine this is the one for you.


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