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Cheap-o Wine: Mad Dog 20/20 – Blue Raspberry

Short And Quick Review: Every drink is a hardship…I just need to finish what I put into my cup…and I will be O.K.

Brand: Mad Dog 20/20

Type: Blue Raspberry

Cost: $4-5

Rating: 1.5/5

Try It For Yourself At Your Local Gas Station!


Mad Dog 20/20 - Blue Raspberry

This is not wine this is pure alcohol…

Review: First off, I have to say that it is a definite chore just to drink this “wine“…It is pungent with the smell of alcohol, tastes like pure vodka, and looks like a melted blue Slurpee.¬† It isn’t Red Velvet horrible, it just really¬†tastes like alcohol, and that is not what I was looking forward to. Come to think of it, most wine actually tastes a lot better than harder liquor. This drink doesn’t get the title of “wine” in my book at all. As you swallow this blue concoction, the initial taste is refreshing and then the aftertaste is something you wish you could have avoided. Even with my cup half full, I fear I can’t stomach the rest of whats left…we’ll see. I am just forewarning you, this wine is not for beginners. Drink at your own risk.


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