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The One That Started It All: Barefoot Riesling

Short And Quick Review: Good starting wine, good taste, would buy again.

Brand: Barefoot

Type: Reisling

Cost: $9-$11

Rating: 4/5

Try It For Yourself!


The one that started it all!

The one that started it all!


I have to admit, that in general I was very hesitant to try wine of any kind. But it still wasn’t going to stop me from trying!

A friend from work recommended this wine to me, and she said that it is a good one to start out with. I couldn’t agree more! The wine itself has a very nice taste to it, and I plan on buying more in the future. With this White Wine, it is pretty darn sweet which I enjoy a lot and it has a slight carbonation to it. This wine in particular has a slight bitter aftertaste, but didn’t take away from the taste of the wine. I gave it a 4/5 because I am looking for my personal favorite wine, which I have not discovered yet.


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